Center for Global Art

MISSION: Create world-class venues for the arts providing exposure, inspiration, education, and creativity spaces for global artists.

VISION: Provide sustainable spaces, including virtual, for global artistic expression, specifically for discovery and development of underexposed and emerging talent.
(updated 03/15/2020)


Check out the work of the artists of our second VX 2020 exhibit!
We are still open for more artists, it is a great way to get a little bit more exposure for your art!
Your support of these talented artists is greatly appreciated!!

We are putting together our next virtual exhibit, 12 artists needed.
Check out what we need, or simply email us your interest, and we'll do the work!

We are adding a new "directory of living artists" to the Center's website and invite you all artists to participate. We are creating a quick-access reference directory to find the contact information for global artists, searchable by region, medium, style.

To get added into the directory, just email us and we'll go from there.


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