Center for Global Art

MISSION: Create world-class venues for the arts providing exposure, inspiration, education, and creativity spaces for global artists.

VISION: Provide sustainable spaces, including virtual, for global artistic expression, specifically for discovery and development of underexposed and emerging living talent.


Opportunities for 2024!

Artist Interviews!
All art, regardless of medium or sales venue, is derived from an artist — an individual with a story, experiences, and inspirations that drive their art.
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Artist Directory
We are adding a new "directory of living artists" to the Center's website and invite you all artists to participate. We are creating a quick-access reference directory to find the contact information for global artists, searchable by region, medium, style.

To get added into the directory, just add your information to our online form.

Artists To Explore!

Stefan Fransson
Cierra Rowe

Nuwan Shilpa

Katherine Boland

Artur Rosa

Studio GOV
Johnny MEMonic

Christian Buffel
Pipit Yamamoto

Christopher Inspired Art

Antonio Souza
Andy Habib

Helen Bird

Jose Galliano
Leona Brown

Carol Preston
Peter James

Tonia Jillings
Vienna Forrester

Lisa Dea

Sue O'Sullivan
Diana de Avila



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